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We are standing, facing each other, naked. You have one hand wrapped in my hair, the other on my hip steadying me because I am on my tiptoes, and you still have to bend down to kiss me. Those deep, soft drugging kisses you seduced me with that first day we met. My hands are roaming your chest, back and belly. I am whimpering softly, your hard cock pressing into my soft stomach and all I can smell is you and my own desire. My pussy and thighs are wet and slick. If I let you, you will bend me over the foot of the bed and slowly slide into my cunt, or maybe my ass. I say if I let you, but we both know if you take any sort of control I am going to surrender.

I don’t want to surrender. I want to take. I want my lips wrapped around your cock and my fingers cradling your balls, teasing your ass. I want to hear you groan and growl as I lick and suck and bite until you give me what I want. What all good girls want if they are honest. I do try to be honest about my desires.

You break the kiss, and I whimper in protest. Then I feel your hand tug in my hair, and I am smiling. You want what I want. I lean in to kiss your neck, your chest, my hands still roaming your body. My lips find a nipple. Licking and sucking, a sharp nip and I get the first growl. Your cock jumps against my body, so I know you are enjoying this as much as I am. My knees start to bend as I slowly work my way down, my lips and tongue busy on your skin.

Kneeling, and I lean back to look at you. I love how you are so much bigger than I am, especially now. You tower over me, and I’m not intimidated, just feeling very small and protected. I lean forward to bury my face in one of your thighs, arms wrapped around your legs. Your hand is soft in my hair. “Good girl,” you whisper.

I draw back, my eyes glued to your cock. So hard, precum dripping already. I have wanted to suck you for so long. Now I can take my time, tease you and draw this out for both our pleasure.

I nuzzle into your balls, feeling your cock pulse against my face as I lick and suck. First one, then the other. I’m getting wetter, if that is even possible. I flatten my tongue against the base of your cock and slowly draw it all the way up to the tip. A moan escapes me as that first drop of precum hits my tongue. Drawing back, one hand wrapped around your throbbing dick, I look up. “You are delicious Daddy.”

Your only response is a growl. I smirk and return my attention to your cock. My tongue reaching out to circle the head, hand moving smoothly on your shaft. I take my time getting to know the taste and texture of you. Your balls are heavy in my other hand. I gently squeeze and roll them as my lips finally close around your cock. We both moan, your hands on my head pushing softly.

I resist you for now. I’m going to go slowly as long as you will allow. I want the time to warm up, get my mouth and throat used to the size of you before the beast takes over and you fuck them. I moan again at the thought of that.

I’m lost in a cock fog now, focused on your pleasure, the feel and taste of you in my mouth, the smell of you overwhelming me. I work slowly, more and more of your shaft disappearing into my hot wet mouth with each bob of my head. Your hips are thrusting slightly, not insistent yet. That will come soon enough.

I take a deep breath and slide my mouth to the base of your cock, your balls brushing my chin. I’m rewarded with your growl and a tightening of your fists in my hair. I stay there as long as I can, before sliding off, gasping while drool and precum stretch from the tip of your cock to my lips, dripping onto my tits. You tilt my head back, forcing me to look up at you. “Such a good little slut baby girl. Now suck Daddy’s cock.” My mouth is forced back to your cock.

That is the end of my control. It lasted longer than I thought it would. You spread your legs slightly, position your hard cock at my open mouth, and slam into my throat in one stroke. I sputter and gag. You’re going to use me, and I’m going to love every second of it.

One hand sneaks down between my thighs while you are busy thrusting into my face. Fuck I am so wet. I shove two fingers into myself, scooping up as much of my juices as I can. My teeth scrape the shaft of your cock as you work into me, and your are grunting and muttering obscenities. I can’t hear all of them, but I do hear fucktoy, Daddy’s little whore. Filthy endearments that go right to my aching clit.

You slow a little, giving me time to catch my breath and work on the next part of my plan. My wet fingers move between your legs, to the tight pucker of your asshole. I think fleetingly of how I wanted to rim you, lick and tease, but that will have to wait for another time. I tease your star as I hear you suck in your breath. Your hips shoot forward, and I am gagging on all of you again as my fingers move back and forth, working into your body.

I’m whimpering and moaning, the vibrations on your cock adding to the delicious storm of sensation. Both hands are holding my head, holding me still so you can fuck my throat, take exactly what you want from me. Give me exactly what I want. My fingers are working hard in your ass, and I feel your balls tightening against my wrist. Everything in me is focused on your cock in my mouth.

A loud growl and your hips lock, your cock pulsing and pumping. My mouth is flooded with your cum. My reward for being Daddy’s cock hungry slut. You spend every drop down my throat, in my mouth, not pulling out until your balls are empty. My fingers leave your ass, and we both just work on breathing. Finally you gently raise me to my feet and pull me close into you. Your lips meet mine and your tongue invades my mouth to share your cum. I don’t know how long we stand there.

You pull me to the bed, settle me in, and climb in with me. I am in your arms, your hands stroking my hair, my neck, my body. “Good girl,” you whisper as my eyes close.