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The weekend had not gone at all as she had planned. Then again, she probably should have told him what she had been hoping and expecting instead of assuming he would just know what she wanted. She had been a bitch to him all morning and he finally left the house to get away from her. Tears ran down her face as she folded the laundry.
She heard him come in the house, and stayed in the laundry room, certain he didn’t want to see her. He must be thirsty, looking for a glass of iced tea to take back out with him.
Her back to the door, she felt it open, and before she could turn he was on her. One big hand pushed her torso down to the counter the other pulled down her yoga pants and panties. She tried to push herself back up and his hand shoved her down again.
One rough finger probed her folds. He grunted, apparently satisfied to find her wet enough for what he had in mind. She heard the metallic jingle of his belt buckle being undone, the rasp of his zipper going down. A pause, and he was inside her, his cock unforgiving of her tender flesh. She gasped and tried to pull away.
“Shut up. You’ve said enough today. I don’t want one fucking noise out of you. Just stand still while I get what I do want,” he growled.
She was shocked at how those words affected her. Her clit pulsed, and she buried her face in the clothes in front of her to stifle the sounds of her moans. He either didn’t hear her or pretended not to. He just kept fucking, his hips slamming into her ass with each thrust. The hand on her back moved to her hair, pulling hard enough to bring more tears to her eyes. She pushed her face deeper into the pile of shirts.
He was going to cum soon. She knew his body so well, the way he moved when he was about to empty his balls inside her. He groaned once, then shoved even further inside her pussy before he exploded. She loved feeling him pulse and pump inside of her.
He stayed for a few minutes, enjoying every aftershock of pleasure. Without a word, he pulled out, zipped himself up and left the room. She stayed put, one hand moving between her thighs to feel his cum dripping from her hole. Her clit was swollen. A few circles, thinking of how he had just used her body like his fleshlight, and she came. Pulling up her clothing, she went back to folding laundry.