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Let me invade your mind with a whisper. I want to tell you what the thought of you does to me. How in the midst of my day, I stop, frozen with the thought of kissing you. Just kissing. My knees go weak, and I can feel my pussy get wet. Don’t you want to kiss me? Don’t you want to feel my body go pliant against yours? Don’t you want to pin me to the wall and devour me?

I’ll whisper in your ear while we are at dinner about how much I want your hands on me. Tucking my hair behind my ear. Resting at the small of my back as we walk. Pulling me into your body. Tugging at my clothes so you can get to my skin. I want you to pinch my nipples, slap my ass, trace the lips of my pussy before your fingers plunge inside. I want to taste myself off your fingers. I want your hand on my head, guiding me to your cock.

Your cock. I want to be on my knees, licking from your balls to the tip. I want to make you groan in pleasure, dig my nails into your tense thighs. Tell me how good it feels, exactly where you want my lips and tongue. Tell me how to please you in explicit filthy detail.

I want to call you, my voice in your ear while my fingers are between my thighs. Let me tell you how wet I am, how much I ache. How I’ve been thinking about the next time we fuck. I want your head between my thighs, your face coated in my juices while your hands hold my hips. I want to grip the sheets in my fist while I cry out in pleasure. Then I want your cock deep inside me. Let me wrap my thighs around your waist and pull you as close to me as possible. Listen to me as I cum for you over the phone.

Fuck me hard and fast. Stare into my eyes as you stretch me. Grab my throat and tell me how good my wet pussy feels as I cum on your cock. Sink your teeth into my neck and take me. Make me beg you to fuck me harder, deeper, don’t stop, I want my pussy dripping with your cum.

Let me tell you every dirty thought that crosses my mind, the perversions I daydream about. I want to watch you react to my dirty little mouth.