Some Filth – Midnight Intruder


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She sighed and threw her vibrator in the drawer. Five orgasms and she wasn’t even close to satisfied. She needed cock. With her husband out of town for another ten days, that wasn’t going to happen. She pulled her panties up and stomped into the kitchen for a glass of water.

Her phone rang as she drank her second glass. She snatched it up, her husband’s name on the screen. “Hello Daddy,” she said, trying not to be bitchy.

“What’s wrong baby girl?” he asked, his deep voice full of concern. He knew her too well.

“Nothing. I’m just having a day,” she mumbled, not wanting to add to his stress. Working out of town for weeks at a time was hard enough for both, he didn’t need to worry about her libido being out of control as well.

“What. Is. Wrong.” He ground out each word, and she crumbled. She could see the stern look on his face in her mind.

Deep breath. “I am horny. Like out of control horny. I just spent half an hour with my vibe, had five orgasms, and I am still so turned on it hurts. I need cock, and you won’t be home for another week and a half.” The words started slowly but were tumbling out of her by the time she was done.

He was silent for a moment. Fuck. She knew this was going to make him feel badly, the last thing she wanted to happen. There was noise coming from the phone, but it wasn’t speech. It was laughter. He was laughing at her. The temptation to hang up on him was overwhelming. “I’m so glad you are amused,” she ground out between gritted teeth.

He stopped immediately, but she could still hear the smile in his voice. “I’m sorry baby. I know it’s hard for both of us on these long trips, especially when your libido is raging. We’ll make sure to schedule a playdate with Jake as soon as I get home, and he and I will fuck you until you can’t walk straight. I know that doesn’t help things now, but it’s the best I can do.”

They talked for a bit longer, before he told her it was time for bed. She hated saying goodnight. She quickly got ready, making sure the alarm was set. She tossed and turned for a bit, her pussy aching before she fell asleep.

Something woke her. She lay still in the dark bedroom, sure that the erotic dream she had been having was the reason. She sighed loudly, smoothed the covers and turned onto her side, determined to chase sleep again. Maybe she would fall back into the dream of Ryan and Jake tag team fucking her.

She was just one the edge of sleep when a hand covered her mouth. She gave a muffled scream and tried to roll away, but a heavy body was on her before she could move. There was a roaring in her ears, and she was sure her heart was going to pound through her chest. Shit. She was sure she had armed the alarm. How the fuck had someone gotten into the house?

She was fighting, scratching, heaving as much as she could trying to get the body off her. Nothing was having an effect. His big hand stayed on her mouth, his other corralling her wrists and pinning them above her head. His legs twined with hers, and she could feel his cock getting hard through the blankets separating them. A fresh spike of terror had her struggling harder, with the same lack of results.

He was talking to her. What the fuck was he saying? Why was he talking to her? She couldn’t hear him over her own terror. He lowered his head until his mouth was right next to her ear. “Shhhh. Annie baby, shhhhh.”

He knew her name. How did he know her name? Why did she know his voice? He kept whispering soft soothing words, and despite herself her heart began to slow. Her struggles eased. She knew his voice. His scent was familiar. Her body recognized him before her mind did. Jake. It was Jake. Jesus fucking Christ. Why was Jake in her bedroom in the middle of the night?

Feeling her body easing, he pulled back to look in her eyes. She was still panting, but she knew him. He gave a half smile and took his hand away from her mouth.

“Get the fuck off me,” she growled at him. His smile vanished immediately. He slowly moved off her, off the bed and stood warily between her and the door. She jumped out of bed, not caring she was naked.

“What the fuck are you doing here? How did you get in? Have you lost your ever-loving mind?” Annie advanced on him, her temper blazing, not caring he towered over her. Fear had turned to blazing anger, and she was going to back him into the goddamned corner literally and figuratively.

He let her get him up against the wall, then before she could evade him, he had her pinned to it, his 6’2” frame dwarfing her. He pinned her hand above her head again but made no move to cover her mouth. He was aware she would bite him until he bled if he tried.

“Shut up and let me explain woman,” he grumbled at her when she paused for a breath. The shock of his gruff words took the wind out of her sails.

He smiled when he saw he had her attention. His free hand moved the hair out of her face and settled loosely on her throat. She hated how that made her pussy twitch.

“Ryan called me after he talked to you. He told me you were in a bad way, and he wasn’t going to be home for a few days. He gave me the code to the alarm, told me where the spare key was hidden, and asked me to take good care of you.” He leaned down to kiss her.

Instead of soothing her, as he obviously assumed this would, it fired her temper even more. She bit his lip. When he pulled back with a yell, there was a spiteful smile on her face.

“You think you can scare the fuck out of me, then just kiss and make it better? Let go of me Jake, and get the fuck out of my house,” she practically spat at him. Mixed with her anger was a pang of regret. As frightened and pissed off as she was, she was even hornier that she had been earlier. As soon as she got Jake out, she was going to call Ryan and chew him from stem to stern for such a shitty idea. Then she was going to spend some more quality time with her vibrator. Fucking men.

Jake’s eyes narrowed. He stepped back, his hands in the air. “You want me to leave, fine. But don’t you dare call Ryan and bitch at him. He loves you and wanted to give you something to smile about. I’ll leave you here to be miserable.” He turned to walk away, and something inside her snapped.

She was on him before he could get the half dozen steps to the bedroom door. He must have heard her move, because he turned to catch her, pinning her to the wall again. This time her hands were digging into his hair, pulling his mouth down to hers. He let her try to devour him for a minute, then pulled back, his hand on her chin forcing her to look at him.

“I know you want this. I can smell your cunt. Your nipples are cutting into my chest. But you are going to verbally acknowledge that you want me to fuck you until neither one of us can move. Do you understand Annie?” He gave her head a little shake, as though to clear the lust in her eyes.

She tried to nod. The look of displeasure in his eyes stopped her. She had to stop, swallow, close her eyes and take a deep breath. When she looked at him again, he was smiling. She hated that. But she wanted his cock more.

“Yes Jake. I want you. I want this. I want to fuck you. I want to fuck you in my marriage bed. I know exactly what I’m saying.” She spoke calmly, but her voice still shook. Desire and anger were mixed, and she knew this was going to be a night that would leave marks on both.

He leaned down to kiss her again, no semblance of gentleness. She bit him again, and he growled before kissing her harder, her head thumping the wall. Her hands tangled in his hair again, pulling him even closer.

He pulled back from her, his face dark as he pulled off his shirt, then kicking off his shorts. She almost purred as his thick cock came into view. No thinking tonight. She was on her knees, his cock in her hands and mouth. His head fell back, and he just enjoyed her while she slobbered and whimpered on his shaft. He didn’t even try to pull her off when he felt himself getting ready to come. One big hand on the back of her head, and she was greedily swallowing every drop.

She kept sucking until his hand tightened in her hair and pulled her off. She tilted back to look at him, and the sly smile on her face was almost enough to get him hard immediately.

“Get up,” he ordered. She rose gracefully to her feet. She watched as he walked over to the bed she had only ever shared with her husband before this. That was the last time she thought about Ryan for the rest of the night. Jake laid down, held out his hand. “Get your ass over here and sit on my face. I’m going to make you scream, then I’m going to fuck you until dawn.”

She didn’t move at first. She gave him that smile again, and slowly sauntered over to the bed. She climbed on the bed, straddled his chest, and savored the heat of his body against her cunt.

“You really think you can make me scream Jake? You think you can keep up with me all night?” she purred as she rocked on his body. His hands came up to her ass, and quickly lifted her and settled her over his mouth. She gave a squeak that turned into a moan as his tongue parted her folds and found her clit. His rough hands held her hips still as he devoured her.

She came. Once, twice, until she lost count, and her voice. He was ruthless, not allowing her to stop orgasming until his face and neck were soaked with her juices. She was a shuddering mess as he gently laid her on the bed.

Annie vaguely felt him leave her, but she was too lost in the haze of pleasure to wonder what he was doing. He came back, a glass of water in his hand. He propped her up, slid behind her and held the glass to her lips as she greedily drank every drop. Her head dropped against this shoulder as she tried to come back to earth.

His voice was low and urgent in her ear. “Annie. Pay attention. I need you to pay attention and answer me honestly. Do you want me to leave, or do you want me to stay and fuck you all night?” She could feel his cock, hard and long against the small of her back. He had been their play partner for over a year, and he was scrupulous about consent. He wanted her, and he would get up and walk out her door the second she told him too. She turned her head to look at him.


She was on her back and he was balls deep in her before she knew what had happened. Her legs wrapped around his waist and she arched up into his thrusts. Her nails scored down his back, and his teeth sank into her shoulder.

There was a weak light beginning to shine through the curtains, not that Annie cared enough to look. She heard her phone ringing but couldn’t answer it. Her face was buried in the mattress while Jake slowly worked his cock into her tight ass. He paused, and she whined a protest.

“Morning Ryan.” A pause, then a laugh. “Yeah, she’s in a much better mood this morning. I’ve got my cock halfway in her ass, and she’s trying to squirm it all the way in. I’ll have her call you when we are done, okay?” Jake chuckled again, then threw the phone on the bed by her head. His cock slid in another inch as he leaned over to whisper in her ear. “Your husband says he loves you, and I should make sure you winch every time you sit down today.”


Some Filthy – Disappointment


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The weekend had not gone at all as she had planned. Then again, she probably should have told him what she had been hoping and expecting instead of assuming he would just know what she wanted. She had been a bitch to him all morning and he finally left the house to get away from her. Tears ran down her face as she folded the laundry.
She heard him come in the house, and stayed in the laundry room, certain he didn’t want to see her. He must be thirsty, looking for a glass of iced tea to take back out with him.
Her back to the door, she felt it open, and before she could turn he was on her. One big hand pushed her torso down to the counter the other pulled down her yoga pants and panties. She tried to push herself back up and his hand shoved her down again.
One rough finger probed her folds. He grunted, apparently satisfied to find her wet enough for what he had in mind. She heard the metallic jingle of his belt buckle being undone, the rasp of his zipper going down. A pause, and he was inside her, his cock unforgiving of her tender flesh. She gasped and tried to pull away.
“Shut up. You’ve said enough today. I don’t want one fucking noise out of you. Just stand still while I get what I do want,” he growled.
She was shocked at how those words affected her. Her clit pulsed, and she buried her face in the clothes in front of her to stifle the sounds of her moans. He either didn’t hear her or pretended not to. He just kept fucking, his hips slamming into her ass with each thrust. The hand on her back moved to her hair, pulling hard enough to bring more tears to her eyes. She pushed her face deeper into the pile of shirts.
He was going to cum soon. She knew his body so well, the way he moved when he was about to empty his balls inside her. He groaned once, then shoved even further inside her pussy before he exploded. She loved feeling him pulse and pump inside of her.
He stayed for a few minutes, enjoying every aftershock of pleasure. Without a word, he pulled out, zipped himself up and left the room. She stayed put, one hand moving between her thighs to feel his cum dripping from her hole. Her clit was swollen. A few circles, thinking of how he had just used her body like his fleshlight, and she came. Pulling up her clothing, she went back to folding laundry.

Dark & Bitter – The Garden


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This story was inspired by a poem written by a friend of mine. I’m including it here with his permission, although he has asked to remain anonymous.

The Garden
I plant my garden in the cold of the winter
Seeds of depression is what I’ve sown
You know there’s nothing left to live for
Since you’ve gone, sadness is all I’ve known

C’mon and grow
Little seeds grow
Take me down and torture me
Swallow me then slowly let me go
C’mon little seeds grow


She left him in the spring. Perhaps it wouldn’t have been as bad if she had left in the fall or winter. But she left in the spring and his heart died. All the things that brought him joy turned to ashes. Especially his garden.

He tried. He planted his seeds, watched as they sprouted and then died. What little hope he held of finding something to sustain him until his heart healed died with them. He was barren as that plot of land.

He had nightmares every night. He would wake gasping and screaming, certain his heart would explode out of his chest. On some nights, he would wake from those horrific dreams to find one or two small dark seeds on her pillow. The first time, he wasn’t sure what they were and threw them away. The gardener in him recognized them the second time. He carefully scooped them into an envelope. They multiplied quickly.

The neighbors talked. They knew she had left, although they didn’t know why. They saw his spectacular garden lay abandoned. They heard his screams in the middle of the night. They talked, but the talk faded as spring turned to summer and then summer to fall.

No one thought it odd when they saw him working in the garden that fall. They were sure he was simply preparing the empty beds for winter and the next year would see a return to the abundance of produce he had grown in years past.

No one saw him on his knees in the rows the next new moon, carefully planting small, dark seeds in the dark of the night. No one saw the sad smile as he stood surveying the neat hills just before dawn.

They saw the black vines that began emerging from the soil a few days later. They assumed he had tried to plant a winter crop and it had failed just as spectacularly as his efforts the previous springs’ had. They shook their heads and discussed how sad it was that he seemed to have lost his green thumb at the same time he had lost his love.

He watched the black vines growing and felt a strange kind of peace. They grew and he attended to tidying his life. Every night, before he went to bed, he walked out to his garden and carefully tended the rows. The vines thickened and seemed to speak to him in the silence of the night.

It had been three months since he had planted those small, dark seeds. He stood, leaning on the hoe he had used to clear the snow from the rows. The vines were whispering again, using her beautiful clear voice. He listened, nodding here and there. He stood up straight, the hoe falling to the ground. He was still for just a moment before reaching for his hat, bending to place it carefully next to the tool. There was a smile on his face as he straightened. He walked to the center of the garden, careful to not step on the vines that were stirring, reaching out to touch his feet and lower legs as he passed them.

He stopped. A final glance at the dark sky, he carefully lowered himself to the cold ground. He lay on his back, crossing his arms over his chest. The plants reached out to him, tendrils and leaves softly caressing him before slowly extending to reach over his body. They took their time enfolding him, wrapping him securely in their darkness. Roots stirred beneath the surface, creating a void that he began to sink into. He did not struggle. His eyes were closed, and he whispered her name as he was swallowed.

Some Quick – His Sweet Little Whore


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He walked in the bedroom just as I finished fastening the garter belt clips to my stocking. His eyes gleamed as they ran over my body. Bra, garter belt, sheer black stockings, but no panties yet.

There was no time for that look in his eyes. We had dinner reservations with his brother, and I had just enough time to finish getting ready. I shook my head at him and walked across the bedroom to the chaise lounge where my black lace panties and dress were laid out.

He caught me around the waist and pulled me into his body. I could feel his already hard cock twitching against my bare ass, and couldn’t stop myself from giving a little wiggle before trying to pull away.

“No,” he whispered in my ear as his hands shoved my bra up and out of his way. His fingers pinched my nipples sharply, the pain turning into pleasure at it raced to my clit. I bit my lip on the moan that rose up.

He used one foot to move my feet apart and his right hand left my breast to move between my thighs. He wasn’t trying to give me any pleasure however. He was just checking to see if I was wet enough to fuck. A pleased grunt in my ear, then he walked me over to the chaise lounge and bent me over it.

He spent a moment just looking at me. He had told me on more than one occasion how much he loved the sight of my bare ass framed by the garter straps. Then I heard his zipper going down, the rustle of cloth, and he was behind me, the head of his cock tracing my lips before he plunged inside.

We both groaned as my pussy engulfed his cock. There was no pausing to enjoy the moment. One hand on my hip, the other on my shoulder pulling me tight to him, and he was fucking me hard and fast. I braced myself as best as I could while the arm of the chaise dug into my stomach.

The sound of his body slamming into mine filled the room. My whimpers mixed with his guttural moans as he fucked faster, getting ready to cum. I briefly wondered if the fingers on my shoulder were going to leave bruises before I felt him pulse inside me as he came.

He enjoyed his pleasure, leaning down to kiss my spine as he whispered what a good girl I was. Then he pulled himself from my body and helped me stand up. My legs were shaking, both from the force of the sex as well as my own need to cum. He laughed as he saw the look on my face. He leaned in to kiss me softly. “We don’t have time for you to enjoy yourself my girl. Now finish getting dressed. No cleaning up, and no panties. I want your thighs and the tops of those sexy stocking soaked with my cum. I want to look at you and know how lucky I am to have such a sweet little whore for my very own.”

He walked out of the room, leaving me there with my mouth open. Then, because I was his good girl, I turned and slipped my dress over my head, checked my makeup, and hurried downstairs to meet him. We couldn’t be late for dinner.

Some Bitter – Haunted


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She has been dead for 26 days, and I am haunted. Not by her ghost. It couldn’t be that easy. I know how to deal with a vengeful spirit. No, I’m haunted by her apartment and the way it smelled.

Weird, right? Why should an apartment I’d never set foot in before three weeks ago be haunting me? I guess it isn’t really the actual apartment, but everything it represents, and everything I tried to forget, and now can’t stop thinking about.

My mother was a hoarder. She was mentally ill. She suffered from depression for possibly her entire life. She was emotionally and mentally abused as a child. Sexually as well. Add in my narcissistic bully of a father, and she never stood a chance. Mental illness was not something anyone talked about, so she never got treatment.

Her depression manifested as fatigue, disinterest in life in general, mood swings, and hoarding. I remember going upstairs into the house we lived in before we moved to Oregon, and one room was entirely full of old clothes of mine and my brother’s. Baby clothes. They were covered in cat feces and urine, but she cried at having to get rid of them. I remember my parents fighting about that.

After we moved, first to Oregon, then Wyoming, her illness manifested in not cleaning the house. Dishes and laundry piled up. In later years, she loved to tease me about washing the dishes with cold water. The reason I washed dishes with cold water as a teenager was simple. Every dish and pan in the house would be dirty, and it would be my brother and I’s job to wash them. The hot water heater only lasted so long. So yeah, I ended up using cold water to finish. But she never remembered it that way. Because she wasn’t sick, everyone just hated her.

Walking into her apartment was a shock. I expected it to be dirty, and it was. But then again, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I actually told my husband and my brother on the phone that it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. The smell was there though. That smell is ingrained in my DNA. Stale cigarette smoke. Spoiled food and mold. Dirt. Dust. Animal waste. Dirty laundry. But the apartment wasn’t as dirty as it should have been to smell that bad. Then we started opening closets.

Every closet was full of garbage. Bags of garbage. Every kitchen cupboard and drawer was full of dirty dishes and pans. Empty cans of Febreeze all over the apartment. Overflowing trash in the kitchen and bathroom. Expired food all over the place. The bedroom and bathroom were full of dirty laundry. The thing about the trash? The garbage chute was less than eight feet from her front door. She only had to walk across a hallway to get rid of the it.

Every day since then, that apartment flashes through my brain multiple times a day. That smell that haunted my childhood. Can you be haunted by a place and a smell? I guess you can. It didn’t occur to me until a few years ago that I spent my childhood years smelling like that. Like cigarette smoke, old garbage, mold, pot smoke. No wonder the assistant principal of my high school searched my locker at least once a week for three years. I’m sure he thought I was smuggling cigarettes or pot to school. What a disappointment it must have been that he only found notebooks of my writing, mixed tapes, and library books.

There are four boxes of my mother’s things in my guest bedroom right now. Most of them are items that can be easily cleaned. There is an afghan and two quilts as well however. They are saturated with that smell. I can’t bring myself to open them yet. I tell myself every day that I need to open those boxes, get those things in the wash with every cleaner known to mankind, and get that smell gone. Every day I find a reason not to do it. I wish her ghost had decided to haunt me instead.

Some Naughty – Spank


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I was reading a book when he came in from the garage. I didn’t pay much attention until he was standing directly in front of me. I looked up and smiled, until I saw the stern expression on his face and the flashlight in his hand. Damn. I’d done it again. I’d borrowed the flashlight to look for something under the seat of my car and hadn’t put it back. Of course he’d realized it was missing and gone looking for it.

“Strip. I told you this would happen if you didn’t respect my tools,” he said flatly, then turned to sit on the couch.

I swallowed, then stood to remove my clothes, placing them neatly on the chair behind me. I gave a last longing thought to how long it would be before I would be able to sit comfortably again, then moved to stand in front of him. He pointed at his lap, and I bit my lip as I lay across it.

He knew I was already wet. There was no way he couldn’t know. I struggled to stay still, his hand warm on my ass. I hated when he did this. Made me wait motionless while waiting for him to begin my punishment. Knowing my pussy was getting wetter with every second, that the urge to move, whimper, do something to draw his action was growing. But I didn’t dare. He would simply make me wait even longer, his hand warm on my ass, his legs warm under my belly, and the room smelling more and more like my desire.

So I stayed still, my nerves stretching to the breaking point. We both knew this was my real punishment, not the spanking I desperately wanted. When he thought I had suffered enough, his hand came down with a loud crack in the silent room. I jumped and yelped out “One!” He hadn’t told me to count, but then again he hadn’t told me not to either.

He gave a short laugh as his hand came down again. I relaxed a tiny bit. Big mistake. The cracks grew louder and closer together, and my squirming and yelping more intense. My ass was warm, soon to be on fire, and I could feel my juices leaking down my thighs. I was going to leave a wet spot on his jeans, maybe even the couch if this went on long enough.

The spanking stopped, his fingers probing between my clenched thighs. I opened my shaking legs, giving him access to my dripping pussy. He teased and prodded until I was gasping from pleasure, his fingers coated with me. Then the spanking began again. I had lost count at this point. I knew my skin had to be close to the bright red he loved so much. Maybe that meant he would stop soon. I hoped he would. I wasn’t sure how much more I could take.

Just as I was about to scream, he stopped. There were tears in my eyes as he gathered me into his arms, moving me so I sat in his lap. I winced and whimpered out loud as my tender skin met the coarse fabric of his jeans. He whispered soft words, holding me in one arm as his fingers moved back between my legs again.

He knew exactly how and where to touch to have me moaning in desire instead of pain quickly enough. The first orgasm took us both by surprise. I hid my face in his neck and rode out the pleasure. He stopped, his wet fingers moving to tweak my nipple as my shaking eased. “Go lay on the bed,” he whispered hoarsely in my ear.

I got shakily to my feet and proceeded him into the bedroom, his eyes on my red ass. I laid down and watched him strip off his clothes before joining me. The feel of his skin on mine, his cock hard at my hip, made my pussy tighten. He kissed me hard, fast, before working down my body, his lips and teeth marking me. He settled between my thighs, my legs over his shoulders, a wicked smile on his face before he lowered his mouth to my pussy.

I arched to meet him, my hands tight in his hair, my legs shaking. I loved when he ate me, using every trick he knew to make me cum again and again. It didn’t matter how sensitive I got, how loud my screams. He wanted every orgasm I could possibly give him, until the bed under me and his face and neck were coated with my juices. He didn’t stop until I was a begging incoherant mess, my body trying to move away from him at the same time my hands and legs pulled him closer.

Then he was over me, between my legs, his cock hard and hot at my cunt. One hand grabbed my throat. “Look at me. Look in my eyes while I fuck you,” he growled, sinking into my body in one stroke. An entirely new pleasure flooded me as he used my body for his satisfaction while holding my gaze hostage. He fucked me hard and fast, his lips drawn back from his teeth, the muscles in his neck corded. I locked my legs around his ass and used every ounce of strength I had left to draw him even deeper inside me.

He growled and dropped his head into my shoulder, his teeth sinking into my soft flesh as he thrust harder and faster. The sounds he made vibrated in my chest as he came, his hips snapping hard, his body pinning me to the bed. I never wanted it to end.

Slowly our breathing returned to normal. He rolled off me, pulling me into his arms as he went. One hand played in my hair as we drifted off to sleep.

Some Dirty – A Pretty Thing With A Dirty Mouth


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Let me invade your mind with a whisper. I want to tell you what the thought of you does to me. How in the midst of my day, I stop, frozen with the thought of kissing you. Just kissing. My knees go weak, and I can feel my pussy get wet. Don’t you want to kiss me? Don’t you want to feel my body go pliant against yours? Don’t you want to pin me to the wall and devour me?

I’ll whisper in your ear while we are at dinner about how much I want your hands on me. Tucking my hair behind my ear. Resting at the small of my back as we walk. Pulling me into your body. Tugging at my clothes so you can get to my skin. I want you to pinch my nipples, slap my ass, trace the lips of my pussy before your fingers plunge inside. I want to taste myself off your fingers. I want your hand on my head, guiding me to your cock.

Your cock. I want to be on my knees, licking from your balls to the tip. I want to make you groan in pleasure, dig my nails into your tense thighs. Tell me how good it feels, exactly where you want my lips and tongue. Tell me how to please you in explicit filthy detail.

I want to call you, my voice in your ear while my fingers are between my thighs. Let me tell you how wet I am, how much I ache. How I’ve been thinking about the next time we fuck. I want your head between my thighs, your face coated in my juices while your hands hold my hips. I want to grip the sheets in my fist while I cry out in pleasure. Then I want your cock deep inside me. Let me wrap my thighs around your waist and pull you as close to me as possible. Listen to me as I cum for you over the phone.

Fuck me hard and fast. Stare into my eyes as you stretch me. Grab my throat and tell me how good my wet pussy feels as I cum on your cock. Sink your teeth into my neck and take me. Make me beg you to fuck me harder, deeper, don’t stop, I want my pussy dripping with your cum.

Let me tell you every dirty thought that crosses my mind, the perversions I daydream about. I want to watch you react to my dirty little mouth.

Some Filthy – Blowjob Daydreams


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I know exactly how he likes his cock sucked. I know when to go slow, when to speed up, when to lick, when to suck. I can read the tensing of his muscles, the change in his breathing, the urgency of his hands in my hair. He loves to have my lips wrapped around his shaft, feel the vibrations of my moans. I feel my most powerful when he cums in my mouth, when he is shaking and gasping from pleasure.

What I want is to see another woman go down on him. I want to lay next to them and watch as she gives him the pleasure I usually do. I want to watch his face while she works her special blend of magic on his cock. To see his body tense and relax. I wonder what her face will look like, if she will feel the same power that I do with his cock in her mouth.

Maybe I will slip down the bed, lay next to her and slide my fingers between her thighs. Tracing her wet folds while I whisper words of encouragement in her ear. Look up at him and tell him how wet she is, how much she is enjoying this. Then again, maybe I will tell him to hurry up and cum, I want her talented mouth between my thighs.

Or I will just lay beside them, my fingers between my own thighs, teasing my clit, fucking myself with a toy while he fucks her mouth and cums down her throat. Hoping she will cover my body with hers, kiss me with her mouth open so I can taste him on her tongue.

Some Dirty – Pegging


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We have been talking about this night for weeks. Planning and wishing and dreaming. I know it isn’t going to be easy for you. Giving up control to me. Letting me bind you and do whatever I want to and with you.

I think the most exciting part had been shopping for the toys. The stainless steel plug. The strap on harness. The massive cock that I’m not sure I could take, but that I am going to use to fuck your ass for the first time. The leather cuffs that I will use to bind your arms and legs with. The blindfold. That my Sir, the man I trusted more than anyone else in my life was going to show me that same trust. I feel powerful and sexy. Also frightened. I just want to make every second amazing for you.

All day we have been texting and stealing time for quick calls whenever we can. I got home first and made sure everything was ready in the bedroom. The toys all clean and waiting on the dresser. Clean sheets on the bed, towels for cleaning up in the nightstand. My outfit for the night was waiting, ready for you to help me put it on. I showered, taking care to make sure my pussy was soft and smooth like you preferred it. Now I just had to wait for you to get home.

It was forever before I hear your key in the door. I can’t t help myself and run to throw myself in your arms as you walk in. You laugh and catch me. Your hands on my ass, a slow sensual kiss to welcome you home.

Dinner was Chinese takeaway I’d ordered to arrive soon after you got home. We hadlve a rare two days off together and neither of us is willing to waste time cooking or cleaning when we arr on the verge of fulfilling some amazing fantasies.

I take care of cleanup while you are in the shower. It takes every ounce of willpower I have not to go sit on the counter and watch you. The water and your hands running over your body. I know if I did I’d end up in there with you. Either I would be on my knees sucking your cock or you’d have me pinned to the wall, fucking me. Tonight was going to be so different.

I’m sitting on the foot of the bed when you come in, a towel around your waist. You stop in front of me and I can’t resist. Running my hand up your leg, under the towel, until I come to your inner thighs. Seeing your eyes darken as my fingers graze your balls. A smile on my face realizing you are freshly shaved. Tracing one finger lightly over your stiffening cock before taking my hand away. I push lightly on your hips, silently asking you to move back a step. You resist for a moment. This isn’t normally how we do things. I hold my breath, waiting to see if you will do what I want. Suddenly realizing how much of the evenings plans depend on this one tiny little moment.

You step back with a smile. I let out the breath I didn’t realize I was holding and stand, moving my hands up your chest to your shoulders. “Will you help me dress Sir?” I ask softly, feeling incredibly powerful standing in front of you fully clothed. Your hands reach out to pull my shirt off and I grab them in my own. “Oh no baby. You don’t get to touch until I give you permission. You just stand there and watch me undress. You should take that towel off. I want to see every inch of you,” I purr, enjoying the look of frustration on your face.

I take my time stripping. Making sure you are watching as I take off each article of clothing and fold it carefully. Walking to stand in front of you, my hand wrapping around your hard cock. Your hands clenched at your sides. Letting me take the lead is new and foreign for you.

Rubbing my thumb over the head of your cock. You jump, and a moan escapes your lips. A wicked smile on my face as I lead you over to the bed where my clothes are laid out. I hold the corset up to my torso and turn. “You’ll need to lace me up baby.” Your hands make quick work of your first task of the evening. The black leather tight around me, but not so tight I can’t move freely. I keep my back to you as I put on the long gloves. I can feel your gaze on my bare ass. I’m already dripping and we’ve barely begun.

I pick up the tall boots and turn to face you. I slip my feet in them. “Kneel for me lover. Kneel and zip my boots.” I can’t stop the quiver in my voice. I’m still nervous in my new role. I hold my breath as you kneel, your hand firm on my foot as the other pulls up the zipper. Your finger staying for a moment on my skin before going to the other boot and performing the task again. I shiver. My hand going to the back of your head, applying slight pressure to bring your mouth to my thigh.

I close my eyes as your lips touch my skin. Knowing you can smell my arousal, see the wetness on my skin. Spreading my legs a little wider, putting more pressure on the back of your head. “I want to cum. I want you to use your oh so talented lips and tongue and teeth to make me cum right now,” I say, my voice dropping down to that husky pitch you love so much. You give me a slow smile before your hands move to my ass and your mouth covers my dripping lips. You work my clit with your tongue and lips as your fingers trace the curve of my ass.

My head falls back, a moan escaping me. I’m going to cum quickly. I can’t help it. I have to bite back the urge to ask your permission. Tonight I am in control. Perhaps it’s only the illusion of control, but I’m going to take it nonetheless. I arch my hips into your mouth and explode. Holding your head tight against me, your hands the only thing keeping me from falling.

You don’t stop. One hand leaves my ass to slip between my thighs. Your fingers teasing at my tight star before sliding in. Your tongue and lips working my clit, knowing I’m going to cum again, harder and louder. I move my leg over your shoulder, opening myself even more, trusting you not to let me fall. Both hands pulling your face and mouth tight into my cunt, not caring if you can breathe, just wanting that second orgasm.

My whole body shakes as waves of pleasure roll through me. I’m moaning and screaming your name and you aren’t stopping. You have to stop. It takes every ounce of willpower I have to take my leg off your shoulder and push away from you. You start to growl and pull me back, and I want to let you. “No,” I growl myself. You stop, surprised. I’m surprised as well. But the sight of you, naked on your knees, cock so hard, has brought out something new in me.

Leaving you in the middle of the floor, I walk over to the dresser, grabbing the bottle of lube and the heavy metal anal plug. “I want you to go lean over the back of the chair baby. It’s time to fill your ass for the first time tonight.” Your eyes glaze over at my words. I can see your cock twitch.

I follow you across the room and stand looking at you for a moment. Was this how it felt when you tied me to this exact chair? Trying to decide if you were going to slap my exposed clit with the leather crop or redden my ass with your hand before you slammed your cock into my waiting pussy or ass and fucking us both to ecstasy. I had to shake myself a little as I stepped up behind you.

“I want you to spread your legs for me. Take your hands and spread your ass cheeks so I can see you. Show me what I’m going to be fucking tonight,” I say, running my fingers down your back. You break out in goosebumps as you obey, spreading yourself wide for me. Your freshly shaved ass and balls exposed to my fingers and mouth. My fingers graze your star, causing you to jump and moan a little. I continue down to your balls as I lean forward and take my time teasing him with just the tip of my tongue. Tracing around the rim of your asshole, lightly darting the tip of my tongue inside.

You try to push back and force more of my tongue inside you. I pull away sharply and bring my hand down on your ass cheek. Gasping a little at the sting in my palm, watching the red mark form on your skin. Your head comes up and you start to turn around. I quickly place my hand on the small of your back and step into your body. I grab one of your hands and put the plug in it. “Hold this while I get your ass ready for your new toy baby.” You have no chance to protest before I’ve spread lube over my fingers and roughly pushed two inside you. I quickly follow with a third.

Your head drops and you grunt at the sudden pain, followed by the pleasure. I slow my pace and take my time teasing you, working my fingers in your ass. Hearing your gasps and moans. I can’t stop looking at the red handprint on your ass cheek. It is slowly fading and I don’t like that at all. A loud crack as I bring my hand down, you jump and moan louder. My glove clad fingers biting into the heat on your skin, and I know the rest of the night is going to be amazing and everything we want.

I grab the plug you are loosely holding and pull my fingers from your tight asshole. A generous dollop of lube and I place it at your puckered entrance. Your hands grip the arms of the chair tightly as I slowly push the plug into your ass. You are grunting and panting and I’m shaking from excitement. As your sphincter grips the base of the plug I lean over to whisper in your ear. “Now you’re my bitch baby.”

“Fuck,” you moan, “yes I’m your bitch.” The need in your voice is intoxicating. A few more quick hard slaps have your ass cheeks bright red and my hand stinging. I walk around to lift your chin and force you to look at me. You are loving this.

“On the bed, right now. On your back, arms and legs stretched out. I want to play with my bitch before I fuck you with my hard cock,” I purr, knowing you can smell my pussy, can see my wetness down to the top of my boots. Without a word you do as you have been told, though I can see the tension in your shoulders and chest. You shift uncomfortably trying to adjust to the plug filling you.

The cuffs are already attached to the bed posts, it’s a matter of just a few seconds to buckle them around your ankles. Before I do the same with your wrists I lean down to whisper on you ear. “Do you remember your safe word baby?”

“Yes Mistress,” you answer, your muscles relaxing. I make quick work of the wrist restraints, and stand back just to look at you. Strong arms, muscled chest and stomach. Your hard cock that gives me such amazing pleasure. Long legs that hold us both up when you take me against a wall or carry me to bed. All under my control.

I need to feel your cock against my pussy. Crawling on the bed I straddle your hips and steady myself on your chest as I slowly lower myself, trapping your length between your stomach and my soaked lips. My fingers pinching your hard nipples. I moan as I rub my clit over the head and shaft of your cock, my juices quickly covering you and dripping onto your balls. I briefly think about riding you like this until I cum. Just using you for my own pleasure then leaving you tied to the bed, hard and straining.

Another time perhaps. Tonight I’m hungry to fuck you. To fulfill what had started as your fantasy and had quickly become mine as well. Leaning forward to kiss you. Allowing my mouth to devour yours before moving to your jaw, your throat, feeling you jump a little as my teeth sink into your skin. You arch your hips, trying to keep your cock in contact with my pussy as I go to all fours above you.

I laugh. The power of this is fucking exciting. “Someone is a hungry slut tonight. Do you really think I’m going to satisfy that cock this soon?” You groan as I continue tracing my lips over your chest. Licking and biting at your tight nipples. I’m annoyed with the gloves. You had requested them, but they keep me from feeling your skin, and that won’t do. I sit up, talking care to slowly settle my folds over you, your cock pressed tightly against me. I wondered if you can feel my clit throbbing against your shaft.

You lick your lips and watch as I slowly peel off each glove, tossing them to the floor. Now I can touch you like I really want to. My nails scoring your flesh as I rake them down your chest. Fuck. Your mouth. Your incredibly sexy mouth. I want to cum again. Slowly crawling my way up your body. Moving my legs to either side of your head and looking down. “Make me cum bitch. Make me cum hard and I might consider fucking your ass.”

I can hear you groan as I lower myself to your face. Taking the time to settle my pussy as firmly on your lips as I had on your cock. You don’t need to be told twice. Your lips and tongue begin to work their magic and I know I’m going to cum quickly. I don’t care if you can breathe or not. I want my orgasms. I want to sit on your face and rock my hips as you take me to ecstasy. The corsets and boots creaking as my body moves. My whimpers filling the room.

I can’t take it any more. I cum hard, grinding on your face. My body shaking, overwhelmed by the pleasure. I come down from the high and relax, sitting back on your chest. You gasp for air, your face an neck shiny with my juices.

You lick your lips, trying to get as much of my cum as possible. Our eyes meet and we both know it’s time.

I kiss you before I move off the bed. Slowly unbuckling the cuffs on your wrists and ankles. “Get up baby. You need to put the harness on me,” I say softly. All the nervousness I had felt earlier has vanished. We’ve talked and fantasized about this so much. It’s going to good for both of us.

That slow sexy smile crosses your lips as you grab the harness from the dresser, then come to kneel in front of me. You take your time drawing it up over my hips and doing up the laces. Fitting the dildo in the ring. Looking at me as you wrap your fingers around it and slowly stroke up and down. Me knees are shaking as you take it in your mouth.

“On the bed. Now,” my voice cracks out. You move to the bed, laying down at the edge, your hands on the backs of your thighs spreading your legs wide. I walk slowly forward, my own hand wrapping around the cock, spreading lube over it. I knew this was going to be exciting, but I had completely misjudged how turned on I would be. My slick fingers grab the plug in your ass, slowly pulling it out. You groan, your head falling back. I consider teasing you, fucking you with the plug for a few minutes before I use the strap on, but I can’t wait. I need to fuck you now.

The plug is tossed to the floor, and I place the head of my cock at your opening. A deep breath as you look at me, your cock twitching. My hips push forward, the head of the thick dildo penetrating your tight ass. I can feel the resistance, can see the struggle on your face as you try to relax, try to let me in. I keep pushing. I know it hurts. The pressure is intense. I also know the pleasure you are feeling. The same pleasure you give me when you slowly force your way into my ass. The pain spiking, sweetening the pleasure until the moment you finally surrender, and my cock slides easily into you.

Your eyes fly open as I stop moving. Your hands pull your legs back even further and you growl at me. “Are you going to fuck me or just stand there? Come on my girl, fuck your Sir. Give me what I want.” That is all I need. I push, watching every inch of my cock disappear into your ass. One hand wrapped around your cock, roughly stroking. The groans and grunts you make driving me to thrust faster, harder, breathing just as roughly as you are.

One hand leaves your thigh, coming up to grab the back of my neck and pull me down, your head lifting as you pull mine down. Staring deep into my eyes as I continue to fuck you, the tension in your body telling me you are going to cum any second. My hand around your cock slick with lube and precum. Your fingers tightening on my neck as your head falls back. Your hips arch up, driving my cock even deeper into your ass as you cum.

Thick cum flying, landing on my corset, your stomach and chest. I don’t stop fucking you. Your legs wrap around my waist, pulling me closer, preventing me from moving. Your eyes open to see me bringing my cum covered fingers to my mouth to taste you.